Why You Should Upgrade Your Electricals in 2013

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If you’re house seems a bit shabby in the electricals department, or you just feel frustrated at how long your electric hob takes to heat up, or how your washing machine never seems to mix in the powder very well at all, you might be thinking of upgrading your electrical appliances around the home.

Luckily, there is a range of upgrades among home electricals available this year. This article aims to run you through some of the best ones we’ve found online, ranging from built-in ovens to the latest vacuum cleaners.

iRobot vacuum cleaners

iRobot vacuum cleaners

This hasn’t been released yet, but early sneak-peaks have revealed that these outdoor iRobots will even clean swimming pools as well as gutters!

One of them, the Looj 330, can clean a gutter at 500rpm, swiftly doing away with leaves and dirt, with a selection of augers at your disposal.

It’s waterproof too – up to 20cm – and early tests show that it can clean ten metres of gutter in just five minutes. This type of new vacuum cleaner will definitely change the way and the time it takes to clean your home – both inside and out.

Hoover HOC704X built-in single oven

Hoover HOC704X built-in single oven

If you’re looking for something simple that beats your tiresome oven, you shouldn’t have to look any further than the new Hoover HOC704X Single Oven.

It is ranked ‘A’ for its energy efficiency, something that’s going to be quite crucial for you in terms of rising energy prices. You can purchase it with a range of different warranties, and you can be sure that this simple oven is more than efficient at getting the job done.

Samsung OLED TV

Samsung OLED TV

Finally, you can now experience the quality of an IMAX cinema in your very own home. You may have heard this multiple times before, but it’s really true in this instance and Samsung is the first to have made this possible.

The new OLED TV, 4K Ultra HD S9 has been announced at CES 2013 with a 55-inch curved display, the monitor is concave when viewed from the front to give you the ultimate viewing experience at home.

Though it’s unlikely to be the final nail in the coffin for cinemas, it will no doubt be popular with those who can afford it. Expect to see these hit the market later this year.

Dacor Wall Oven with Discovery IQ Controller for Android

Dacor Wall Oven with Discovery IQ Controller for Android

Yes, the future is here. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to link your oven with your phone or tablet computer, by downloading and operating recipes online. The oven will be able to tell you what’s for dinner and how to cook it, too.


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