Auto Parts Sculpture, ‘Gallant Knight’

gallant knightYou will be reminded of ancient history when you see this gallant knight.

This gallant knight is sculpted by Peru’s Miguel Mejia, which is completely made with the motorcycle parts and scrap metal.

The sculpture of this one is totally different from all the other normal home decor pieces; therefore every one prefers to keep in the home.

The horse which is present in this sculpture is made with several pipes which are joined to the legs with the bolts and a motorbike chain is arranged at the neck.

Nuts are used for the mouth, five wires for the tail and metal sheets and bicycle chain for the cloak, a nail from a clutch as well as bolts are used for the knight’s body; head, legs and the arms of the knight are made with different nuts and a handle of spoon for the horse’s helmet.

The helmet of the knight is shaped from a metal sheet where as the shoulders and wrists are made from spoons.

Totally this sculpture of gallant knight is made with all the spare parts which are used in the motor cycle. You will certainly appreciate the person who made this beautiful piece for home decor as it is a risky task to do with small spare parts used for the motor cycle.

This sculpture totally appears in the antique color in order to prove its originality by which it is made.

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