7 Coffee Table Décor Ideas

Decorating your coffee tables can get to be quite a challenge, given that it is the first thing that your guests will notice in your living room. Here are 10 coffee table decoration ideas that help you transform it to chic in a matter of minutes.

1. Display Your Collections

Display Your Collections

A coffee table need not accommodate everything on it. Instead you can leave it bare and place it near the fireplace which displays your collectibles. Alternately you can also use the table as an open show case that has some of your vintage vases, leatherbacks, antique cigar boxes and so on, placed on it.

2. Use a Throw

Use a Throw

You can drape your ottoman or a wooden chest in your favorite throw that goes with the rest of the furniture in your living room. This will double up as a coffee table and give an unusual look to the setup.

3. Place a Tray

Place a Tray

You could create sections on the coffee table by placing a tray and then deciding what goes on the tray and what remains on the table. This way you can draw a distinct line within this space and create an arrangement that is both aesthetic and utility based.

4. Tea Lights and Lanterns

Tea Lights and Lanterns

You could brighten up your coffee table for an evening with friends. Glass lanterns and storm lanterns are a great idea. But if your table is not as big to accommodate a lantern, then go for small tea light holders that come in variety of shapes and sizes.

5. Simplistic


If displaying collectibles or books is not your idea of a coffee table, then keep the arrangement simple by placing a small vase with flowers in it. You could choose even a set of designer coasters as a simple accompaniment since it is after all a coffee table.

6. Terrarium


This might sound rather outlandish for a coffee table design, but believe me, these table top gardens are the best way to create an element of surprise in your living room. Depending on the size of the table, go for a variety of terrarium options – globe, cookie jar, large glasses etc.

7. Mix and Match

Mix and Match

All said and done, there is no hard and fast rule for decorating your table. Include anything you think will do well on display. Remember that compositions matter. Place objects of varying heights and contrasting colors and see watch the magic unfold.


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