Tips on Arranging Living Room Furniture

It might be important to look for tips on arranging living room furniture because this is the social hub of the house. The arrangement of the furniture makes the room welcoming. In the majority of the cases, the arrangement depends on the focal point of the room.

Tips on Arranging Living Room Furniture


When you are thinking about some arrangement ideas, you should remember to keep the possibility of moving the pieces around. Also when you try out a new arrangement don’t forget that people need space to pass between different pieces. Also it might be important for each sitting place to have a drink rest.

Straight on

One of the most basic tricks to arrange the living room furniture is to have the sofa face the focal point of the room and have the rest of the items face in the same direction. This way everybody will be able to enjoy the view.

Passing through

This one of the tips on arranging living room furniture is important in case of the living rooms that have several doors leading out. If this is the case, you need to draw an imaginary line between the doors and make sure that you will keep that line clear of furniture so that there will be a trail between the exits.

Around the corner

The people who have a sectional sofa may be looking for advice to arrange the living room furniture. People often push the sofa against the wall, but this could lead to a claustrophobic feeling. Instead, pull the sofa away from the wall.


One of the traditional tips on arranging living room furniture is to have furniture pieces face to face. This means having two sofas across from each other, both facing away from the focal point. This is a good idea because if two people are sitting and talking, their attention won’t be drawn towards the focal point.


It might be difficult to keep in mind all the living room furniture arrangement advice, but it is good to remember to arrange the furniture in lines that are parallel with the walls. If the furniture is placed diagonally to the wall, it creates a sense of excitement.

You don’t really have to follow all the tips on arranging living room furniture, but go for the arrangement that makes you feel welcome in the room.


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