2012 Country Bathrooms You Would Love to Have

Although some of the people prefer the more modern ideas and shapes, there are some who like the country style.

If this is your case, you should know that there are a lot of design ideas that you could use. You just have to do a little research.

Simple shapes

In order to achieve the most modern and stylish designs, this season you should go for the clean lines with no or little detailing.

However when it comes to the bathtub you shouldn’t get the angular one, but the tapered tub. To have uninterrupted lines, you should have brassware mounted into the floor or walls.

Fabrics and country colors

Fabrics and country colors

While some people think that fabrics aren’t suitable for bathrooms, you could use some items made of fabric. When it comes to the color, make sure that you consider sky blue, denim and duck egg. Think of having a Roman blind and a stool covered with fabric for a relaxed style.


There are a lot of items that we have to store in the bathroom, and so it is really helpful to have fitted furniture. Besides the different toiletries, you can also hide the pipework. For the ultimate effect, you should consider a toilet hanging from the wall.

Calming retreat

2012 Country Bathrooms-1

You can turn your bathroom into a spa room if you add some privacy to it by adding shutters to the windows. In order to achieve the perfect atmosphere you could also have a wire chair or two. The towels that you have also influence the look of the bathroom. Consider the ones that come with a butterfly motif.

Hide the toiletries

You could also have a washstand to hide all the toiletries that you need. The best thing that you could do is to opt for one that comes both with a cabinet and a drawer. Another good idea is to have a basin that has a flat top. This is because you could use this space as well to store the frequently used toiletries.

Going bold

2012 Country Bathrooms

One of the bold touches that you might like is having large lettering on the top of the walls, right under the ceiling. You could also have mosaics on the wall in a neutral color to soften the effect of the bold letters. In order to have some colors in the bathroom, you could add some accessories in pink or other bright colors.

Use this as an inspiration for your home catalog and online poster printing designs.

(photos Credit: www.housetohome.co.uk)


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