Pool Maintenance for Summer 2012

There is nothing better during the summer than to take a swim in the pool, but for this you have to make sure that your pool is in order. Although the majority of the owners hate to do pool maintenance, this way you can be sure that your pool is clean and safe.

The debris

Pool Maintenance for Summer 2012

In order to get rid of the debris you just have to remove the floating debris and to empty the skimmer basket. Make sure that you dispose of the waste so that it won’t be able to get back into the pool. If you have bushes or trees close to the pool you might want to trim them back.

The vacuum

The Vaccum

In order to make sure that you will see the bottom of the pool clearly, you should direct the nozzles of the jets downwards so there will be fewer ripples. Connect the hose to the vacuum and then have the vacuum head suspended over the water. Use a jet nozzle to fill a hose and the water will pour out the vacuum.

Vacuuming the pool

Vacuuming the pool

Generally speaking a pool requires 30 minutes of vacuuming. Make sure that you’re not in a hurry and make parallel movements, just like as if you were mowing the lawn. If you can’t vacuum all the pool at once, you should start with half of it and then move on to the next half.

If the hose is floating it means that there is a hole or that the suction is diminished because the filter is full. In the end, brush off the remaining algae of the sides of the pool with the help of a nylon brush. If the pool is made of concrete, you could also use a steel brush.


It is very important to test the pool water weekly. First you have to adjust the pH level. Use soda ash product if the level is below 7.4 and muriatic acid if the level is above 7.6. If the alkalinity is lower than 90 ppm or if the chlorine is below 1 ppm you have to shock the water. This means that you should mix alkalinity increaser or chlorine in a bucket of water and add it to the pool.

The good news is that the pool maintenance doesn’t take as much time as you would have thought at the beginning and you can do it on your own.


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