How To Create A Smarter But Safer Home?

In case you want to live a sustainable and green life, you can easily follow simple instructions to transform your house into safe and clean oasis. Try to keep the pollen out of your home and brush off outerwear.

Choose a special brush to clean animal’s fur and feet. Try to not hang out your laundry on outdoor clothes line. Mats are always an important part of our home decor, especially if we want to live in a safe home.

cleaning carpets

Add mats on both sides of the door. It is well known that up to 80 percent of the dirt gets inside along with allergens, lawn chemicals and bacteria. Mats made with absorbed materials are perfect catcher of the dirt and prevent it from going inside of your home.

Establishing a no-shoes-indoor policy is also an option that will keep the basket of slippers at the door for family or guests.

filter water

In the kitchen there are also changes that might improve your home safeties. Purchase special water filters and try to filter your drinking water.

clean curtains

Carbon filters are good idea, especially because they can cut the levels of chlorine, lead and other bacteria. Green textures and eco-friendly linens are always good idea, when it comes to arranging smart and safe home.


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