How Can Talent Transform Paper Into Outstanding Art

In case you are an art lover and want to add more artistic and unusual spirit to your home, just go for Carlos Meira’s paper crafts, which surely can be called stunning and extravagant. The artist is offering an amazing approach to the paper art as he is building sculptures from paper.

banana paper lady

The extremely talented artist has made a fragile art that displays the typical Brazilian festive mood and joy, especially inspired from the festivities in Brazil.

bird in woods

The paper sculptures are the perfect accessory for any home decoration and catch the eyes with their colorful appearance.

color paper sculpture

The characters of Carlos Meira’s works are said to be inspired from the real life, but he often displays heroes, fairytales characters and other symbolic figures.

color paper sculptures

For instance, the artist has made series of football players and famous actors and actresses. His best works are praised as an outstanding opportunity to beautify your home with joyful and unusual art.

paper carnival musicians

For now, all the creative works of the artist are in a limited edition. This make his collection even more valuable, because this way you will possess something that others don’t have in their home décor.

paper juggler

We recommend you to take a look at his carnival festivals paper works, which are perfect for decorating the living room.

red paper princess

three cowns

white fairy scultpure


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