A Spa Retreat To Be Placed Among The Sands Of Time

Aidlin Darling Design is a studio that is eminent for its creative visions, eco-friendly ideas and new technologies, when it comes to home design. The names behind the famous American studio are Joshua Aidlin and David Darling, both known as genius eco design functional pragmatics.

sonoma retreat

Their latest project is the famous Californian spa center – Sonoma Spa Retreat. The whole architecture of this project speaks of minimalistic idea, aesthetic look and ergonomic and sustainable design.

sonoma spa

The new spa building is made to be a real futuristic wonder as it represents spa and swimming pool built as an outdoor living space of a rammed-earth house.

sonoma spa retreat

The designers created special spa outdoor pavilions that surely opened the landscape and are very adequate to the local climate. The spa center is equipped with special rustic trellis that provides shades from the California sun.


It also frames distant views of San Francisco to the south. The modern simple and sustainable design of the Sonoma Spa Retreat has already brought up the public’s attention due to its creative look.

spa retreat


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