Designing a Kitchen: Hiring a Designer vs. Doing It Yourself

It is time to say goodbye to your old kitchen. It has done you proud and been part of the family home for years. On the other hand, you may have recently moved into a property and the kitchen is the first room you want to focus on and renovate.

With the advances of technology, kitchens have become a hub of activity. Many like the kitchen to be the heart of the family home; for others, this is not a feasible idea, as the kitchen may be quite a small room. In either case, if you want to design and install a new kitchen, do you bring in a professional kitchen designer, or do you do all the work yourself?

Designing a Kitchen

Going for professional designers

It is a huge burden on your shoulders to bring in a designer that can take a look at your kitchen space, suggest and create a new kitchen with all the added appliances and some clever space saving ideas. If you have purchased a house and would like a larger kitchen, they may even suggest building an extension or knocking through to another room to increase the space in your kitchen.

Designers will always ask you your thoughts and requirements, colour themes, styles and settings. Some are incredibly clever and take photos or objects that really inspire you and design a kitchen around that. Some will simply have a fantastic idea and if budget is not a problem, design you the most incredible state of the art kitchen. A designer can assist you in making the most of the space you have and will likely avoid making those costly mistakes a self-built can often incur.

However, with a designer comes an added cost, which if you are on a budget, could blow everything.

Do it yourself

Even if you are not the creative type, you can find huge resources and ideas online to help you design your own perfect dream kitchen. Furthermore, this site offers plenty of resources for revamping your appliances to make them run more efficiently.

You can purchase software to input your measurements and create a kitchen setting and for inspiration, you can visit hundreds of Kitchen settings in DIY stores and specialist retailers. You may even know someone who is slightly arty and could whip up a design for you in no time. It is a pleasing task to build your new kitchen taking the original design and producing an incredible room.

Take inspiration from magazines and kitchens you have seen on the television. Ensure measurements are correct and you are well within any building regulations. You can save yourself a lot of money designing a kitchen yourself. If you install it yourself, you will save even more, as long as you have the skills required to complete such a task. Not having the required skill set can often result in mistakes regularly occurring which can ramp in the cost of the build dramatically.


Whether you use a designer or design your own kitchen, think carefully about what you want to achieve; think about colour schemes and make sure measurements are completely accurate. The last thing you want is an expensive, ill-fitting kitchen. Being determined and open to ideas will allow your kitchen to be functional and beautiful.


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