Fireplaces: How to Make Them Trendy

In the majority of the cases when people hear about fireplaces, they think about the traditional ones that the grandparents used to have. The truth is that the advancements of technology are visible in this field as well. Both the style and the design have been improved, and so they aren’t simple fireplaces anymore: they have become a piece of art.



Certainly you know that it is an important safety measure to have a screen in order to make sure that the flying sparkles don’t do any harm to your home. This means that you can use the screen to make the look of the fireplace more modern and to add a different touch to the room that it is in.

When it comes to the most modern fireplace screens, you should know that the major trends include simple and elegant designs. There are numerous different kinds of materials being used, such as stained glass and cast iron. No matter which one you opt for, you can be sure that the room will have a distinctive design.

In case your room has a formal or traditional overall design, then it is best to go for the stained glass screens. If this is the style that you are looking for, then it might be a really good idea to have a candelabra behind the screen, to make it more visible and to add a special touch.

On the other hand, when going for a more modern look, then the best option that you have is to get a chrome, pewter or steel screen. Although you may think that these add a cold touch to the room, in many cases they come with flower or ribbon designs, that bring warmth to the area.

It is also common to find stained glass incorporated in these screens, elegant patterns or beveled accents. In case of the wisteria fireplace screens it is also common to find clear glass. It doesn’t really matter what kind of screen you choose, because for sure you will find a way to make it look modern.


When looking for a modern style, you should forget about using brick of any kind. Those fireplaces that have metal or glass incorporated in them are the most modern looking fireplaces. In some cases the fireplaces turn out to be so modern, that you can’t really tell that it actually is a fireplace.


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