The Most Common Toilet Renovation Mistakes To Avoid!

toilet renovationAre you thinking about renovating bathroom? Then this article is for you. This will help you to get familiar with different mistakes that roll down in bathroom renovation.

Designing a new project will be quite easier but redesigning an existing project will be overwhelming sometimes and often you perform different mistakes.

Bathroom is one of the most used places in the home and by renovating the bathroom you are adding an extra pleasure to one of the most used place in the home.

Before starting the remodeling idea, know about the different mistakes which happen in remodeling the bathroom.

By knowing the different remodeling mistakes in the bathroom, you can avoid those mistakes to happen. Taking care of these mistakes will make the remodeling process to go smooth.

Different remodeling mistakes:

Style: When it comes to bathroom remodeling styles, you have different options and have different models for making the bathroom elegant. If the bathroom model you choose does not match your home style, then the remodeling idea is mere waste.

You will select a bathroom design that is impressive to the eye, but forget to match the design to the theme of your home. So, before selecting a design, see that the design matches your home theme.

Think about the storage space: Many remodel the bathroom for creating some extra space in order to store the necessary items, but forget the truth that extra addition of furniture can lead to over packing of the bathroom.

There are different types of storage devices that fit in the bathroom with small place and do not occupy much space.

Choose bathroom furniture which occupy less space and store much items. Many people create a cabinet under their vanity and use these cabinets to store different items.

If your bathroom cannot with hold the vanity, then try to make cabinets below the sink or try some standing storage units which fit under the sink.

Buying new furniture for bathroom: When adding a new item to the bathroom, see that the furniture fits in the bathroom perfectly. If the furniture does not get adjusted in the bathroom, then you should bother about remodeling the bathroom according to the furniture or think about the exchange of the furniture.

For e.g.:Many love to add bathtub to their bathroom, but forget about the size adjustments and buy an eye-catchy model and bring the tub to the bathroom. If the tub does not fit in the bathroom, then you should exchange the tub. So, to avoid this, see that you have the required measurements of the bathroom.

Ventilation: Many bathrooms have inadequate or sometimes poor ventilation. You also don’t repeat the same mistake and try to include the ventilation project to your bathroom remodeling.

Poor ventilation can develop mild dew and mold in the bathroom. Make sure you give proper natural lighting, artificial lighting, exhausts and fan in the bathroom.

Slippery grounds: When selecting floor for your bathroom, remember to avoid slippery floor. Marble and granite are the most common floors that are used in the bathroom. If you are using such floor, see that the polishing is not too smooth that makes the floor too slippery.

Toilet beside door: If your bathroom has such arrangement, then see that you change the set-up, as this will bring many germs into the home. Make arrangements that the toilet is away from the door and the wash-basin is near to the door.

Many builders tend to forget this basic arrangement in the bathroom and construct the bathroom vice versa. As you are renovating the bathroom, try to correct the mistakes and see that it is in proper proportion.


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