Intellipanel Desktop Computer – A Most Power Saving Product!

intellipanel desktop computerAre you thinking on lowering power consumption? You need not spend handful of bucks in buying products, which minimize the power consumption and cut down unnecessary wastage of electricity.

Intellipanel desktop computer helps you in making this happen. This gives you the convenience of having standby mode without wasting an iota of electricity.

When you plug your PC into the black shaded socket of the 8-way intelligent sockets, the auto-calibration mode in the sockets send power only to one socket and cuts down power supply to the other sockets.

This is the main reason that helps you in saving money and power.

The socket is only activated when there is a plug in it, if no plug is connected in the socket there is no power supply to the socket.

Features of Intellipanel desktop computer:

  • Powers all the computer peripherals on and off automatically.
  • This is a recommended product of energy saving trust and PC pro.
  • This has fast-setup plugs and play efficiently.
  • This protects your PC with an inbuilt power surge protection device.
  • Very efficient power saving product and saves the environment.

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