Perfect Glasses For A Perfect Drink

The task to rustle up that perfect drink may not be too difficult, but to make it look perfect could be a completely different ball game.

The first step to serving a perfect drink would be to serve it in the perfect glass.

white wine glassThe first thing one admires about a drink is the glass it is served in.

Different drinks look at home in different glasses. It is not that difficult to pick out the perfect glass for a drink.

The different types of glasses available are Beer Mugs, Brandy Shifters, Shot Glass, Champagne Flutes, Cocktail Glasses, Collins Glasses, Cordial Glasses, Hurricane Glasses, Highball Glasses, Margarita Glasses, Rocks Glasses, Parfait Glasses, Sherry Glasses, Red Wine Glasses and White Wine Glasses. This list is by no means comprehensive but serves as a list of the most basic of the glasses used to serve drinks.

Most glasses are self explanatory as to which drinks will look perfect in them. Collins glass would be great to serve soft drinks, exotic fruit juice and alcoholic juices.

red wine glassExotic and tropical drinks look perfect in a hurricane glass. The Parfait glass is the perfect glass for drinks with ice cream or fruit pieces. The rocks glass is perfect for serving drinks on the rocks.

So the next time one plans to serve drinks, it is better to do so in the perfect glass, so that the perfectly made drink will look perfect too.


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