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When it comes to home decoration there is one thing without it we can’t get by so easily – the carpet. Choosing carpets and rugs is not as easy as it seems.

In case you are going to decorate your home in the latest trends, choose a carpet in neutral color. For more eccentric and bold look you can always go for colorful decision such as contrasting tones at the center of the carpet and playful patterns in red, pink and orange.

carpetsDon’t forget that the most suitable carpet for busy places as the hallways and the stairs must be made with stronger textures. Sisal and coir carpets are the best for these areas of your house. In case you are going to choose a soft carpet, take a look at the latest wool decisions.

There are cottons from Egyptian wool that are said to be the best when it comes to quality. Of course one of the best rugs is the Persian, but they are much more expensive.

carpet trendsThe new technologies are producing carpets with sustainable and green textures such as the bamboo. That is also considered as a good opportunity.


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