Under Cabinet Lighting Design Guide

If you are looking for under cabinet lighting design guide it means that you have decided to add personality to your kitchen. The light will help you when preparing food or cooking, but it will also draw the attention upon the backsplash. Naturally it will serve as night light too.

Under Cabinet Lighting Design Guide

Florescent Light

It is good to know about the fluorescent lights that they are the most cost efficient. Another advantage is that they give off little heat. This is important since the food that you have in the cabinet could get spoiled because of the heat. The only disadvantage is that the fluorescent lights can’t be dimmed.

Xenon Lights

In case you are thinking about the lighting design guide for under the cabinet it is good to know that xenon lights aren’t really cost efficient and they give some heat off, but they can be dimmed. Another advantage is that they give off a very nice and warm light.

LED Lights

When it comes to under cabinet lighting design guide and you are looking to save some money, your best option is to use LED lights. Although the lights can’t be dimmed, there are two brightness levels which offer some degree of flexibility. These are cool to the touch and they usually last for 50,000 hours.

Linear or Puck?

Usually people choose linear lights regarding the design guide for lighting under the cabinet because it offers uniform light. However, some people prefer the puck lights because they wish to have pools of light. The decision is normally influenced by personal preferences.

Surface Mount or Recessed?

The people interested in under cabinet lighting design guide often think that if the lights aren’t recessed, they will be unattractive. The truth is that the majority of lights are so thin that they cannot be noticed. The good news is that you simply can’t go wrong when it comes to this decision.

Plug-in or Hardwire?

There are two main possibilities regarding the under the cabinet design guide for light: hardwire and plug-in. The lights that are hardwired are connected to the main power source. On the other hand, the plug-in lights will need to be plugged in into an electrical outlet.

The best thing you could do regarding the under cabinet lighting design guide is to talk to a professional electrician to find out about your options.


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