7 Festive Dinner Must-Haves

With Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve right around the corner, the festive season is the time to stock on some essentials that you need to put your culinary skills together. Here are 7 must-haves for hosting festive dinners this season.

Festive Dinner Must-Haves

1. Vase Fillers

Flowers and vases are an essential part of every festive décor. When you invite people over for the special festival time dinners, it is not just your food they will savor. You need to create the right mood and setting, apt for the occasion. Vase fillers are easy ways to achieve just that. From dried flowers to faux pomegranates, one can choose a variety of fillers available to create eye-popping table tops.

2. Petit Fours

This confectionery variety is most popular during festivities. They form great dessert options and can be made in different types to provide a wide range to the guests.

3. Tiered oven racks

Oven space during large meal preparations is very much in demand. Most of the time we have two or three baked dishes in the menu. This makes oven space pricier. To help you out with this, tiered oven racks are available that will save your time and effort.

4. Dessert plates

Give your desserts a special touch by serving them in special theme-based plates. For instance, a Christmas party plate can have candle motifs, Santa motifs and gift pack motifs.

5. Kitchen linens

Festive linens are the trend of the season. Go for theme-based linen in this essential accessory of festive dinners. It could be just color or even the print or both. The idea is to make the guest feel as special and unique as possible.

6. Bakeware

The latest trend in bakeware is again occasion-based motifware. For instance, if you are baking a pumpkin loaf for Thanksgiving, go for a baking tray that will give you a pumpkin patch motif.

7. Designer Candle holders

Lighting is an essential ingredient of any party and festive season is a special time to bring your candles out. Displaying them in fancy containers is a part of the décor. One can choose from a variety of candle holders. This season however, fancy perforated hurricane candle holders are in vogue. Add them to the table top décor and complete your festival dinner preparations.


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