Want To Feng Shui Your Home? Few Tips To Help You Out

fengshuiFeng shui as you have probably heard is the Chinese philosophy that the placement of things can help you to achieve a happy and prosperous life.

The Chinese still practice this today as well as many other Eastern countries. Feng shui came to the United States about a decade ago and was very popular.

It seems to have lost its stream but there is still a lot of literature available out there if you are interested in completely redoing your life in Feng shui style.

Feng shui has everything to do with placement of doors, windows and other objects. Before you begin to try to Feng shui your home, you should draw a diagram of your home. But let’s just start with one floor.

Let’s say you are going to Feng shui your first floor, which consists of living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom by drawing a diagram of the floor. This doesn’t have to be artwork it just needs to lay out for you where all the doors and windows are.

The doors and windows among other objects in your own are the keys to positioning your life with Feng shui for family, health and finance to name a few things.

The Chinese belief of Feng shui does not think two doors should be opposite of each other. If two doors are opposite of each other the good energies will simply come in one door and leave through the other door.

If you already have a front door and back door opposite of each other which is very common, you can counter act this placement by placing a plant and a rug in between the doors at an angle. The Chinese believe this will obstruct the good energies form leaving through the opposite door.

Feng shui believes that water will help attract all of your desires and make your wishes come true.

Most Feng shui followers have a water fountain in their home. This does not have to be a huge and large scale water fountain; it can simply be a small decorative water fountain.

According to the Feng shui philosophy plants, wind chimes and open air all lead to positive energies circulating in the room. Open your curtains often and let the light shine in.

Make sure the southwest corner of your home is clean and free of clutter. Add objects made of porcelain or clay in pairs and place them in the corner. This will bring about stability to relationships.


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