Window Treatment Trends 2011

Window treatments are an integral part of the home décor and need careful planning and execution. A home with the best of décor would look bare without complimenting curtains or shades.

The curtains can be an extension of the décor in your home or they can be the focal points and the topic of discussions.

Window DecorationThough curtains are essential, maintaining them can be a pain for most people who are busy on the treadmill of life.

This year’s trend tends towards the minimalist and elegant designs that require minimum maintenance.

Curtains are a very functional part of the décor as they are required to keep the sunlight and prying eyes outside.

When the two factors are not considered, curtains add to the beauty of the room, even if they are pulled back to enjoy the view.

This year has a lot to offer, right from sheer fabrics with modern patterns to bamboo Roman shades for the organic lovers.

Organic is the choice to go with even if all you use is wood or bamboo for decorative hardware like pulls or finials.

The most fashionable color on the windows this year is blue in its array of tints and shades right from light sky blue to the hues of the ocean. Lavender and gray are among the soothing colors of this palette.

Jewel tones like gold, orange and persimmon will also be in demand. Brown is the all time favorite for window treatments and remains so.

You can choose from fabrics like damasks, suede, leather, velvets and silks to satiate your luxurious tastes or you could go for the low maintenance no frills Pottery Barn curtains made of polyester.

If you are a green aficionado you can opt for performance fabrics that help insulate the house, cutting down on fuel costs.

And if technology is the name of your game then you could look for curtain gadgets that help you adjust, open and close your curtains with remotes or even with the help of wireless internet connection.


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