What Is The Concept Of Wabi Sabi? And How Can You Use It In Your Home?

In these days of the global village, it has become possible to draw upon the best of traditions from all over the world and incorporate the best of it into our lives and into our homes.

In the event, concepts such as Feng Shui have a worldwide acceptance today in a way that we could not have imagined a while back.

Even other concepts such as Wabi Sabi which is the Japanese world view or aesthetic which is centered on the acceptance of transience or impermanence, is now gaining currency around the world.

wabi sabi 1

In the picture is a Japanese tea house which reflects the wabi-sabi aesthetic. The characteristics of this aesthetic are simplicity and modesty, but at the same time intimacy and touches of asperity and asymmetry which are meant to evoke natural processes.

Rather than just a way to decorate the home, as many in Western countries use wabi-sabi concepts, this is an alternative way of life, which includes suitable adaptation of home’s interiors and exteriors using wab sabi principles for achieving happiness.

wabi sabi 2

Many liked Wabi Sabi concepts with those of Shabby Chic styles which however are markedly different because of the accent that is placed in simplicity, this in the case of Wabi Sabi.

Shabby Chic styles doubtless fill spaces with interesting objects; but they run counter to Wabi sabi in that they make for high maintenance and the impression of clutter. Wabi sabi actually stands for the very absence of clutter, and an intentional balance between items.

wabi sabi 3

Wabi Sabi is often referred to as the Art of Imperfection, and from this Wabi Sabi inspired mug one can easily see why.

Here is how to incorporate Wabi Sabi principles into your everyday life –

  • Live in your entire home – use all the beds, all the chairs, enough natural light and space for pets. Also pay attention to having quiet time that is not constantly interrupted by some electronic noise or voice, ringing, jangling, whirring and so on.
  • Clearing clutter is central to wabi-sabi so make yourself a rule – for every item you buy, get rid of another you already have. If you cannot bear to part with something, store it elsewhere, but clear it from your immediate environment so that clutter is reduced.
  • Appreciate imperfections too. There is beauty in asymmetry, in old things, in weather-beaten items, which nevertheless posses great character! Shop at flea markets, get interesting things into the home, things may be imperfect but never messy, dirty or slovenly.
  • Live the wabi sabi way; give your home some soul!


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