From Garage to a Cozy Corner for the Afternoons

There are all sorts of rooms in a house, and a lot of people think that they can only be used for the purpose they have been built. In case you feel the need of something, what do you do? You get it, right? So in case you need another room in the house, you will start looking around and find some space that isn’t used optimally.

In the end you might see that you have a garage that you could turn into something else, like a cozy room to spend some quality time there with your family.

Garage to a Cozy CornerFor this little project you will have to redo the ceiling, add insulation and wallboard to the walls, add an insulated subfloor, and you should also throw in some custom add-ons like a beverage fridge and media equipment to help you enjoy the afternoons.

The under-counter fridge is a great idea, especially in case you are planning on using the room during parties. Even though you’re not really a big party fan, the family members could always need something to drink. This way you won’t have to run back to the house every time you need a glass of water.

In case you have a nice patio and maybe also a pool, you should think about divided-light pocket doors. These should be located on one side of the room, and you should also find some place for the cabinets holding some towels and other necessary items for having some fun at the pool.

This new room could become the media center of the house. In order to make sure that you will be able to enjoy every minute of watching TV, add a trio of TV screens that will make the room perfect for watching Super Bowl or for the kids to play Wii games.

So what do you have to do to achieve your dream room? It might be useful to add new doors and some custom cabinetry. Also consider keeping the garage style doors to make the space more functional. In case in the future you would like to use the space as garage again keeping the same door will make sure you have this possibility.

You also have the possibility to add a wall. This way you could separate the space and create a storage space that is accessible only from the outside. You will have all the room for storing sports equipment and other items.


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