5 New Chair Design Trends in 2011

A simple way of transforming your living room, or any other room for that matter, is by changing the arrangements or by replacing the furniture inside the specific rooms. Along with other furniture of your home such as sofas, end tables and the likes, chairs play a major role in promoting the appearance of your home.

Apart from providing you the best relaxation corner they are sure to make your rooms look stylish and modern at the same time. Here are 5 of the latest trends in chair designs.

Romantic Chairs by Vito Selma

This romantic chair by Vito Selma comes with a variety of exciting colors. It has a comfortable cushion and backrest to provide you best relaxation. It is designed with metal base in slim silhouette that makes it look so modern.

Folder Chair by Vladimir Paripovic

This new chair called as folder chair is designed by Vladimir Paripovic and has a free space for stuff like folders, diaries, magazines, newspapers and books at the back of it. It also has space under the seat for A4 paper. The chair is very comfortable while also being stylish and functional. It is intended to be used in small rooms space is limited.

Modern Chair Design by Alexander Xanthakis

The 14.70 Eur/Kg Chair is one of the recent works designed by Alexander Xanthakis. It is a sturdy but thin chair that can be upgraded by adding a thin layer of a magnetic vinyl or Cretan leather. It is seen as a clever combination of style and comfort.

Tiera Living Collection

This colorful and modern chair from Tiera Living Collection designed by Zero First Design and Tae Suzuki intends to make your life more cheerful with its assortment of colors. Its perfect mix of different colors and elements makes it a perfect match for indoor living room to become more.

Square Armchair by Emmanuel Babled

This square armchair design by Emmanuel Babled proves that an elegant armchair can transform your room to look more modern, stylish and inviting.


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