Decorating A Dream House In White

If you’re into ultra modern home decor, nothing defines space quite as well as a crisp white.

Far from being bland, the shades of white cover a wide spectrum: from ice white, bright white, eggshell white, to snow white and off white.

All whites are not the same and different shades complement different areas of a room. When using white for the interior decor of your home, make sure you choose a shade of white to suit the space.

Decorating your home in white can be as simple as adding a few fresh white touches to an already finished room. Whether you want a simple fresh touch or a comprehensive revamp, here are few suggestions to try:

  1. Buy white dinnerware: While it may seem like a functional frivolity, dinnerware can actually play a big role in creating your desired color scheme. Clean and crisp white tableware always adds a classy touch.
  2. Choose white furniture: Be careful if you go this route; white is not always a practical choice for furniture, particularly for people with pets and children. However, if you are very vigilant, you can make the most of the color’s freshness in your dream house.
  3. Accessories: For other accessories like pillows, blankets and flowers, white is always a wise choice.


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