3 Easy Ways To Care For Deck Furniture

Outdoor living is one of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a home, particularly on a warm summer day.

Therefore, the selection and maintenance of patio or deck furniture is very important.

You can easily clean most of the outdoor furniture with soap and water.

If you feel that your deck furniture is less durable, however, you have to take extra care for maintenance. Here are a few effective tips for deck furniture care:

1. Use furniture covers

The less you expose deck furniture to environmental elements, the more chance your deck furniture has of surviving the ravages of the elements. Choose high-quality furniture covers to protect your deck furniture as much as possible.

2. Clean cushions

If the cushions for your deck furniture are washable, use warm and soapy water to wash them, or use vacuum cleaners to eliminate dust from the cushions.

One important thing to remember is to check the labels or washing tips attached to the cushions, before you soak them in warm water or vacuum them.

3. Recoating or repainting

If you notice any cracks or chipping off of paint on the deck furniture, repaint it with a varnish. This will not only give a new look to your deck furniture but also prevents exposure to other environmental elements.


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