An Eco Chamber And The Charming Way Of Creating An Original House

When two designers are living together, they surely will invent something that can leave you speechless. So did Louis Molina and Laurent Turin, the names behind the Good Idea Studio.

echo chamber living room

The designers created their own echo chamber and basically turned their own home into an example of smart designing and creative interior style.

The designers bought a small clapboard house in 2004 and moved their office into the ground level of it. The living area of their Eco-chamber is just 578-square-foot, but it is designed so well, that no one could really say this was an old useless home.

echo chamber home office

The Echo Park model of the house required certain changes in order to offer more living area and enough space for their office. They equipped the house with sliding glass doors and big windows in order to provide more space and light. The façade of the house was changed and remodeled with steel staircase, fiber cement-board paneling in party blue color.

echo chamber

The bedroom was also rebuilt and now offers small and smart design. The terrace represents a real oasis, but still you can sit and work outside. The designers have chosen to remodel the gravel terraces and applied several changes.

echo chamber home dining

Now their terrace is surrounded by agaves, flax and lemon trees and it is equipped with fine glass furniture to fit the whole minimalist idea of the home design. The fabrics are eco friendly and the furniture is wooden in a combination with glass accessories.


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