Hanging Flower Baskets Ideas

A lot of homeowners would like to have hanging baskets and for this they may be looking for hanging flower baskets ideas. There are numerous ideas to choose from, but you will have to find ideas that are suitable for the overall look of your home.

Hanging Flower Baskets Ideas

Drought resistant plants

One of the biggest challenges that you will encounter regarding the hanging baskets is to make sure that your plants won’t dry out. For this you will need drought resistant plants, such as echeveria, hens and chicks (A), or sedum. Although these are unusual choices, they don’t need a lot of watering.

Add some contrast

Although you might think that they are old fashioned, the geraniums (A) are still considered one of the top flowers. In order to create a contrast you could add some blue and ivy lobelia(C & D) and some simple dracaena (B).

Bold colors

If you wish to make a statement by using hanging flower baskets, think about using bold colors. If your home is located in the back of the lot you can use the flowers to draw attention upon your home. Think about mixing geranium(A), Swan River daisy(B), nirembergia(C), marigold(D), and petunia(E).

Soft textures

The plants with small flowers and small foliage add a nice texture to your hanging basket. For a soft result you could be thinking about Swan River daisy(A), Bacopa(B), and asparagus fern(C).

Classic look

The people who wish to stick to the classic look of the hanging flower baskets ideas might want to consider going for a monochromatic look. For instance you may choose the vivid colors of impatiens in lilac (A) or pink (B). This way you will achieve simple yet stunning results.

Bright foliage

You don’t necessarily have to think about colorful flowers, it is also alright to have bright colored foliage. For example you might be interested in having fuchsia magellenica (A) or sweet potato wine (B).

Although you might want to have all kinds of colors regarding the hanging flower baskets ideas, make sure that you don’t overdo it; it is best to opt for one color and use different hues or to have 3-4 matching colors, but not more. This way you will have some consistency even in your hanging flower baskets.


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