Both Artistic And Functional – The Picture/Table

Some people would consider art as a matter of beauty only, forgetting that the mixture of business with pleasure or, more exactly, tools and useful things combined with ornamental work, has been done during the history from the earliest times.

Talking about a wall picture transformed into a table (or vice versa) is not very odd since anyone may draw something on the back of their ironing board, but not simple either.

Safety ought to be the first concerning problem, because we don’t want children getting hurt by unappreciated paintings falling on their heads…

Using this kind of transformation in the kitchen, or whatever room you like, may induce a feeling of increased liberty, for small chambers owners or, for those who want the artistic equipment just for both fun and aesthetic satisfaction.

Maybe it’s possible to connect this view to other furniture in our homes, or using the freedom of taste and imagination in several other domains. I can see my yard shovel resting sometimes as a modern sculpture

Whether these adjustments made in a house are done for space saving or just by caprice, it requires a good consideration of the giggling issue:

Do we really need them or we are just making out point as trends are concerned.

Source :  Dvice


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