Mail Chime Activates You When You Receive Mail!

mailchimeEven in this internet world we give much importance to the mails.

Have you ever waited for an important mail? While waiting for mails, you walk around the mail box and your home several times for checking whether the mail has arrived or not.

You will be exhausted with this walking and what will you do if you are in the office and waiting for the mails.

How many times you will roam in between the office and your home?

Sometimes this seems to be an overwhelming task i.e. wasting your time unnecessarily.

You must have felt that there should be someone at the mail box to inform you about the mail droppings. Is it not!

Then your work is done with the help of mail chime which activates you as soon as you have received any mail in your mail box.

This is also a security device to safeguard your privacy and avoid identity theft. Only authorized persons can access the mail chime.

Receiver is installed in your home and a small sensor is installed in the mail box. Once the mail box is opened, the receiver beeps four times informing you that you have a mail.

In case you have missed the beep, a small red light will be blinking that the mail is delivered in the mail box.

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