Ewbank’s Raycop Vacuum Cleaner Cleans The Dustmites Up To 99.9%

ewbanks raycop vacuum cleanerEven clean looking house will have dust mites and cleaning these dust mites can be an overwhelming task. Clean looking bed can also have around 2 million dust mites.

But as cleaning of the dust mites is harder, you cannot live with this dust right! You need a better device to remove these dust mites from your home.

Ewbank has come up with a product, which gives you the promise of removing dust mites from your home.

Ewbank’s Raycop removes the dust mites from your bed and home. This is a first ever vacuum cleaner that has anti-allergy bed vacuum with innovative UV-c technology.

This vacuum cleaner has an UV-C sterilizing lamp that helps you in removing the dust mites and germs up to 99.9%. If you come across with these dust mites, you can face many allergic problems that make you sick.

Features of Ewbank’s Raycop vacuum cleaner:

  • This is tested by British Allergy Foundation and is very much useful in removing dust mites.
  • This vacuum cleaner uses different techniques such as UV-C, vibration and two stage vacuum filtration in completely removing the dust mites.
  • Works effectively and kills the germs and dust mites up to 99.9%.

For more information regarding this product, visit: http://www.raycop.co.uk


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