Metal Roofing: More Durable But Also Expensive!

Metal RoofingMetal roofing is the best option for you, if you are planning to construct a new house or if you are in view of replacing the existing roof of your home.

However, the popularity of metal roofing is very high now-a-days, than it has been in many years.

Most of you can be misguided that a metal roof often attracts lightening in adverse whether conditions. But it doesn’t actually attract lightening [Home lighting].

Metal roofs offer many benefits for your home. Some of those mainly include:

Metal roofs are long lasting provided they are installed properly. Metal roofs can last as long as a house and completely seals out the water dripping into the walls of your home, extent winds and also it will easily shed off the snow in winter.

Metal roofing is very resistive towards fire, rots, and insects and also mildews. Warranty on these metal roofs usually varies with company. Most of the companies strongly offer a warranty period of 20 to 50 years.

  • Metal roofing is made with very lightweight material and the roof requires very fewer reinforcements. This will help you save money on construction expenses. You can also just lay a sheet of quality metal on the existing roof of your home, which will mainly save the time and also money on removing the existing ones.
  • The speed and ease of metal roofing installation is an added advantage for you, if you consider metal roofs for your house. Almost all of the metal roofing materials are usually available in multi-shingle sections or even in the forms of sheets. An accomplished metal roof contractor can install these sheets to the roof of your home very quickly.
  • As the metal roofs are non combustible, they are given with class A fire rating, which means metal roofing offers very high resistance towards fire. It usually depends up on the materials which are present beneath the surface of the roof, which can ignite under extreme heat conditions.
  • Metal roofing can reduce or minimize the mid day heat gain into your home by reflecting the radiant heat emitted from the sun. Even though the material itself is having very low insulating resistance value, most of the systems uses a dead air space between the metal and the roof deck, in order to increase the energy efficiency.

Though the metal roofing offers you with more benefits, there are certain drawbacks which are worthy to consider. Some of those include:

Expansion and contraction of the metal: As the metal can expand and contract in warm and cold conditions respectively, most of the new products are provided with fastening systems that could account for the moment of the metal.

Difficult to modify: If the roofing materials installed with huge panels get damaged, then it is very difficult to replace or even to modify, when compared with individual metal shingles.

Even the cost of metal roofs is very expensive when compared with other materials. So, try to consider your investment and also durability of the material before you choose. It is also important for you to choose better quality materials for roofs of your home and try to choose a well accomplished contractor to install metal roofing in order to get long lasting results.


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