How To Choose The Right Leather Furniture For Your Home?

If you are looking for upholstery material that is strong, durable and plush you need look no further than leather.

Out of all the materials for furniture that is available, leather is the most difficult to puncture, tear, burn or melt.

Leather will adjust to environmental conditions too. In the summer it will not become hot and sticky nor feel cold when wintertime rolls around.

It is a natural product that will ventilate and breathe, helping to control your body heat and it will age with grace and beauty.

The best leather is not always the right choice

You may be under the assumption that the finest, most expensive leather is the one you should choose for your furniture, but most people that are decorating with leather find that mid-grade leather is a better choice. It seems that mid-grade leather is able to withstand every day wear and tear and still look attractive.

Leather isn’t perfect

Just as the human body has flaws such as scars and stretch marks, the hides of cows that are used for leather are not perfect either.

You may look upon them as flaws, but it is their natural appearance that gives furniture made of leather its distinctive appeal. You may even find a brand hidden in some out of the way area if you inspect the leather closely.

Protect your leather furniture from sun damage

Just like people, your leather furniture will not age gracefully if it is exposed to too much sunlight. As you are considering the placement of your furniture, keep in mind how much exposure to the sun it will have and either mentally rearrange it or go with another type of material if it will be in direct sunlight for any length of time.

How about the pets?

If you are a pet owner, you should consider carefully whether or not you should purchase furniture made from leather. Pets have claws, especially cats and can quickly ruin an expensive and beautiful piece of furniture.

Leather furniture doesn’t come with a warranty that protects you against damage from your animals. Dogs also can damage leather with the oils from their fur if they rub against the furniture or if you allow them to sit or lie on the couch or chairs.

Leather can be a beautiful addition to any room in your home, but think carefully before you invest in this type of furniture.


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