Add To Your Home Design A Nautical Touch

This season the home decoration is facing a good old change that is always stylish and mostly in the trend.

The nautical motifs in the home décor are more than welcomed this year and this is already proven as the biggest home designers created whole lines devoted to the nautical topic.

The marine interior is easy to create and moreover, it isn’t difficult to transform your home into a floating oasis, if you got the right elements.

In case you like the nautical interiors, then simply start with the colors. The typical nautical colors are white, navy blue, rusty red and all the colors that are linked with the marine topic.

Antique white is also an option, for it is creating the typical nautical spacious interior.

nautical touch 2

In case you are not going to paint your walls, try adding new wallpapers on the central places of your house. The nautical wallpapers come in thousands of varieties, but try to keep a harmony in the interior and make sure it doesn’t combine more than two nautical colors.

Paintings are an idea, which you can consider as extremely proper. There are many paintings with nautical landscape, but you can try something different. Add some paintings of sailboats, which are also an ideal accessory.

nautical touch 3

Old photos of lighthouses, which can be found in any antique store, are also a good decision. Think where to place the bespoke nautical accessory, without which there is no complete nautical atmosphere – mini boat or antique decorative ship, which can be placed anywhere in the house. Those accessories are easy to find in the antique décor shops.

nautical touch 4

Don’t turn your back on the wood, because it is a major part of the nautical interior. A very interesting wooden table, placed at the center of your living room can open the interior to a new level.

Check out the latest furniture line by Restoration Hardware. The brand is offering the Royal Master Sea light table lamp, which will match any interior and surely will create a marine touch.

nautical touch 5

Asprey is the other brand that can inspire us for decorating in nautical ideas. Their Starboard cocktail shaker resembles the traditions of the old sailors that are using such shakers for preparing their drinks.

It is also a good accessory for your kitchen. Don’t forget that part of the nautical interior is the maps. Find old maps or copy of paintings that are representing map of the old wars.

Those are items, which are extremely popular and original, when it comes to trendy decorations.


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