How To Make Your Home Smell Good?

home smellEveryone wants their home to smell good.

By having a good smelling home you want a cozy and inviting home that smells like vanilla, lavender, freshly baked pies, maybe fresh linens.

You do not want a home that smells like bacon or pets. So how do you make your house smell good for your own peace of mind and the comfort of your guests?

I have pets and that is my main concern having a house that smells like animals. I have been obsessed with a clean home for years and have been told by numerous guests, friends and family members that they cannot get over how good my house smells especially since I do have pets.

The first secret is vacuuming every day. Make sure you have a good quality vacuum and make sure you are attentive to keeping the filter or vacuum bag clean of debris. Vacuuming a 900-square foot house takes 15 mins so you should be able to fit in 15-30 minutes depending on the size of your home.

Stay attentive to your trash cans. If you are preparing dinner and use meat products such as chicken packaging take this outdoors to your trash can outside, do not keep this in your home. Also clean your trash cans with Lysol once a week.

Candles and Febreze work well however here is a trick for your candles; don’t use the lids if you buy candles in containers. Actually just throw the lids away when you buy the candles. Even when candles aren’t lit they can still give off an aroma.

Shower curtains benefit from Febreze as they can get moldy. If you do have pets spray Febreze on the carpet or furniture they spend their most time.


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