Space Saving Tips For Small Living Areas

Living in a small flat or room can be incredibly difficult, especially if your living space doubles up as a bedroom and living room.

On the positive side, less space is less conducive to accumulate excess belongings, so it is very easy for you to keep your living space neat and tidy.

Whether it is a flat, dormitory or a room, a small living space can make a room seem unlivable and claustrophobic.

However, if you are worried about it, stop! There are plenty of things you can do to alter small living areas, and open up the area to yield more space.

Remove interior doors

Instead of interior doors, use curtains for rooms. Choose suitable colors and designs to enhance the appearance of your home, and especially for interior doors.

Choose right color schemes

Limit color schemes for interior walls to neutrals or light colors, as dark or bright colors can create the effect of solid walls which limit space.

Add mirrors

One of the most valuable sources for space saving, mirrors create an illusion of extra space by adding a new dimension to your small living room. There is a wide range of mirror designs on the market. Choose the right frame to complement an illusion of extra space in small living spaces.


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