Store Wisely The Home Office Junk We All Need And Love

Decorating the home office needs to be done smartly to offer maximum space and storage.

home office storageHere are several ideas how to design this area in the most ergonomic and comfortable way. One of the best ideas for those, who have an old closet at home, is to transform it into an office.

tranformable workstationAll you need to do is to paint it in recommended light colors and simply convert the table legs and the brackets on the wall into a small desk.

home office remodellingAnother eccentric, but yet practical decision is slat boards on-the-wall, which adds your storage and even display it in an artistic way.

home office remodelling 03The bonus of using slat boards is the fact, that they could be cut and placed everywhere you want. They are easy to paint and would match your home decoration.

home office storage 02In case you are wondering where to set up your documents, collection of magazines and other stuff you need, you can free more space and add more style in one shot – using wicker baskets!

home office storage 01They could easy be inserted in shelves and are very practical, when comes to preserving the things you love.


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