Top Five Hacks to Make a Pet-Friendly Home

Pets are amazing companions to be with, and since they are so great and supportive of us, we often want to make the house as comfortable as possible for them. However, for that to happen, you will have to take care of many things, and a host of factors play a major role in all of this. Some factors are the behaviour, habits, and likes and dislikes of your pet; the design of the house or part thereof; overall budget, etc.
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All of this may sound difficult, but it is not. To ensure you do not fall short of good ideas on how to make a pet-friendly home, we have come with top five doable hacks:

1. Tough flooring

Get your house easy-to-clean and durable floor tiles. It is preferable to go for laminated stone, ceramic tiles or painted concrete. Such flooring remains cool during hot weather and is a good choice in case you have a furry pet. Additionally, it is superbly easy to clean these tiles so you would not have worry about the mess your pet may create—in fact, you may want to see its dirty, little paws all over the place.

2. Do not bring home breakable knickknacks

You know how much chaos pets can make if left on their own. Therefore, it is recommended you avoid purchasing breakable showpieces and knickknacks and remove those already there from the house. Even if you try to avoid breakages, it may eventually happen since you cannot control the wagging and clawing.

3. No messy beds

Pets love to cuddle with their owners, and often they would jump on to the bed and give them kisses and hugs. While this is sweet and affectionate, it is accompanied by a trail of paw prints and dirt on the bed, which, at times, are extremely difficult to get rid of. To prevent this from happening, cover your bed with easily washable fabrics. If your pet sleeps by your side, cover the bed with a thick pad and use printed cotton sheets.

Don’tlet stains come in between you and your pet!

4. Give some aesthetic touch

One of the best ways to make home pet-friendly is by coming up with carpet and upholstery, matching with your pet’s fur colour. For example, if you have a Dalmatian, get a black and white polka dot print for your sofa. This will not only make your house look more appealing but also hide strands of fur left all over the place.

You can easily find customised pet-related furniture and upholstery online, and all you need to do is research and purchase.

5. Slip-proof rugs

You often run the risk of getting your floor clawed or stained, and in order to avoid this from happening, get rugs which are slip-proof. Invest your money in a pretty, vibrantly coloured rug since colours will draw attention away from fur, stains and dirt.

Do extensive research while purchasing rugs, and ensure that your house is lovely to your pet!


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