House Of Chihuahua – A Concept Far Greater Than Its Name

There is one Mexico design studio that surely can produce miracles. This studio is called Productora and their latest project was the house of Chihuahua. This house is located in the desert and it resides on the territory of a golf club.

The temperatures in this area are changing drastically day and night. In the night, they can fall to minus ten degrees, but in the day they are the typical desert temperatures. The project of this house was unique, since the designers invented a house with special soil thermal mass.

The colder soil, which lies on the ground of the house, is cooling off the house, because it is absorbing the heat.

At night exactly the absorbed heat is keeping the house from the cold temperatures. Another amazing fact about this house is its unusual construction.

The house looks more like an architectural masterpiece, for its open and spacious design. The roof openings give light and ventilation to the house, while the windows and the doors are sliding for more space.

The design is made with futuristic elements and expresses more simplicity. The house is a luxury decision for a single family home and provides a magnificent ambient in a place, which no one before was able to transform into a living area.


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