Spectacular Living Room Decor Ideas To Get You Started

Different homes have different living room spaces. There are those with grand living rooms with a large picture window at one end while there are also others with a bijou living room in a tiny apartment.

Whatever space you have for your living room, there will always be living room decor ideas you can apply which will suit your taste and your budget.

You can opt for chic yet cozy designs to warm up your living room or just go for an open-plan space with vaulted ceilings and a whole herringbone hardwood floor.

Seeking out living room decor ideas can help you complete a space which you can move around comfortably and decorated according to the space available.

You can plan a user-friendly living space, a peaceful retreat or something that is cozy and comfortable where you and your guest can just slip off your shoes and put up your feet.
Color scheme living room decor ideas

Choosing cooler colors such as blues and greens for your living room decor is ideal if you wish to achieve that “joined up” appearance of cool elegance.

Your ceiling should have the lighter shade of the room’s main color. If your living room’s color scheme is blue, use the lightest shade of blue for the ceiling and then a slightly darker shade for the walls.

If you have moldings in your living room décor, you can simply paint it white or opt for a darker shade of what you have on your walls and ceilings. Most people also go for a matte paint for the walls and paint the moldings with some sort of sheen or glossy effects.

Living room window ideas

For added height for your living room windows, you can hang the curtain pole as high as possible or as close as possible to the ceiling to allow curtains plenty of drop and give off an elegant drape.

The current trend of living room decor suggests that curtain fabrics should be allowed to pool on the floor, but there are also other that think it’s otherwise. Though it is artistic, the pooled fabric is also an ideal dust collector and if you have pet dogs or cats, it is also like you’ve prepared a sleeping area for them.

When seeking living room decor ideas, it is good to know about the trends but this does not mean that you have to follow them lavishly. Apply only the styles and trends that suit you and your lifestyle.

Decorative accessories for your living room

Some popular decorative accessories for the living room décor are modern artworks or mirrors which can be strategically placed facing furniture or focal pieces for your guest and your family to admire.

You may also hang cloth wall hanging above chairs and couches for a unique effect. Another way to decorate is to show off special memories with your friends and family using special frames and hanging them on your living room walls.

Wall clocks, decorative clocks and the popular grandfather clock are also favorite accessorizing items for the living room. Living room decor may also be enhanced with the color of the furniture and pre-made covers. There are a lot of styles and colors that you can match with the over all theme of your living room.


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