6 Wise Ways to Prevent Fire from Home Appliance

Home appliances like microwave, toasters, washing machine are an integral part of any home as they make a person’s life easier; however they too come with many risks and disadvantages.

The most prominent fear of home appliance is fire. If not handled properly, these home appliances can lead to a big fire ad massive destruction in your house. However to save your appliance and house from fire, you must take various precautionary measures. These safety measures include:

prevent fire from home appliance

1. Repair Faulty Appliances Quickly

One of the most important safety measures is to repair your appliance as soon as you face any kind of problem with it like shock or a spark because even a little spark can become the cause of huge fire. Try to get them repaired from authentic stores or the direct manufacturers so that you can be sure of the quality of repairing.

2. Keep away from Water

As we all know that using electric appliance with wet hands can cause electric shock. Most of the home appliances used in kitchen is often either used with wet hands or are exposed to wet cloths. Keep a check on the appliances so that they are never exposed to water and wet areas.

3. Use a Three Pin Socket for Heavy Appliances

The appliances are given either a three pin or a two pin plug according to the amount of electricity that they consume.

4. Keep a Check on the Wiring

Often after many years of using the appliance, the wires get damaged or cut which might be the cause of electric shock. Thus you should always keep a check on the wiring of the appliance to prevent any accident.

5. Keep Combustible Materials away from Heating Appliance

While using your appliance, keep it at a distance from combustible materials. Even after using the appliances, keep it at bay until it cools down.

6. Never Overload the Appliance

Excessive use or overloading the appliance may cause serious problems for you. Overloading usually heats up the appliance too much and might become the cause behind fire in your house.

There have been a number of cases where fire has been caused in the house due to the careless handling of home appliances. However if you keep a check on these appliances and maintain them properly then these appliances can help you to make your life much easier and safe.

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