How to Keep Your Baby Furniture Safe

Parents essentially have to be aware about the safety of the child while buying the kid’s furniture as he/she might be spending most of their time on these sets of furniture. Apart from remembering the comfort and visual attractiveness of the furniture; you should also keep an eye on some minute details that we shall just discuss here.

Prams and Strollers

Research shows that one in five injuries that a child might suffer during childhood are furniture related injuries and that is among the age group of one year old or below that. Therefore safety measures should be your first priority to check out while choosing baby furniture. Here is a guideline to get started

Cribs or Cots

Generally between the ages of 2-3, your baby will sleep in a crib or cot. While buying crib, avoid drop-side cribs as your baby can get crushed between the sides. Cribs with cushions in all four sides should be avoided as it can lead to choking, Do not forget to check the gaps of the bars or panels. It should be between 50 mm – 95 mm. 20 mm should be the gap between the mattress and the cot sides. Cot should be placed in a safe position and always use locking breaks.

Crib Mattress

Picking the appropriate mattress for your baby’s crib is very important. Considering the comfortability and sturdiness, you can choose either foam mattress or innerspring mattress. Whichever you choose make sure that is prepared especially for babies and do not leave any space between the mattress and crib railing.

Prams and Strollers

While using prams or strollers remember to secure your baby with the strap and always use parking brakes if you stop moving your baby’s pram or stroller. Never leave your baby alone in a sleeping mode. Your baby’s pram or stroller should have sensible storage space to carry baby’s needful things. To diminish the risk of fall, full five-point body harness has to be used. Hence a pram with easy steering, proper breaks lock, and strong frame, solid and durable wheels will make your child’s outing enjoyable and equally safe.

Changing Table

Changing diapers is very frequent task for parents. For this purpose, you need a comfortable place for your baby and thus a sturdy changing table is needed. This table should have stable legs as well as 2 inches tall railings to prevent the risk of fall of your baby. In spite of this you must keep your one hand just beside your baby while he/she is on an elevated surface. Do not use a slippery changing mat ever!

High Chair

While choosing high chair you have to consider the stability and sturdiness of it so that it does not rock easily. It should have 100 mm raised smooth edges. Although never leave your baby alone on this chair.  Check the legs, handles and back rest of the chair properly while buying.



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