Top 5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Broken Home Appliances

Do you have some broken home appliances but do not know what to do with them? Well, disposing off broken appliances can be difficult as not all these appliances are safe to dispose.  Most of the household appliances consist of components that are made of hazardous materials which are not safe to dispose.

broken home appliances

Infact, there are specific environmental guidelines that they do allow you to dispose appliances because of their possible negative impact on the environment.  Hence, the following given ways will help you in getting rid of your broken household items.

1. Return back to the Manufacturer

The first and safest way to get rid of your old or broken appliances is to return them back to the manufacturer. Many of these manufacturers have return programs that allow you to dispose them.  So try contacting the product manufacturer and find out whether the gadget or appliance can be returned back.

2. Sell it off

Another way to get rid of your appliances is by selling them off.  Your trash can be some other person’s treasure so try looking for people who are willing to buy your broken household product.  By spending a little on repair cost, the buyer may be able to use the appliance well and this will be a deal of profit for both the parties.  There are several online auction sites where such products can be sold off easily.

3. Donate

Consider donation of your broken and old household appliance.  There are many organisations that allow you to donate these appliances and this is also something which will make you feel good. Your broken appliance will find good use after donation.

4. Municipal Disposal

Your local municipality may have some or the other kind of a program through which you can dispose appliances with hazardous materials.  These hazardous waste programs are the best way to get rid of broken home appliances in case the above given methods don’t work for you.  For this, contact your local municipality either by logging onto their website or by speaking to someone who has done this before.

5. Scrap Metal

One way which a lot of people these days follow to bid goodbye to their broken home appliances is to recycle them.  You can earn a small amount through this as your appliance may produce a lot of scrap metal, which can further find use.  Especially if you have a refrigerator or a washing machine, you may earn good money by scraping its metal out.

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