Some Super Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Summers are here and so is the unbearable heat! Due to the excessive heat, our houses tend to get boiled and turn into baking ovens. There are many ways to keep our homes cool in this summer season.  Apart from turning the air conditioners on at full speed and wasting unnecessary money, you can follow the given effective ways to cool down your homes:

Ways to Keep Your Home Cool


  • During the excess heat hours, make sure your house remains closed. This is an effective way to keep out the heat and the humidity. But you can ventilate your house in the nights, when the air is relatively cooler.
  • The best way to keep your house cool in summers is to plant shade trees on the boundary regions.  This way, you will be protected from the direct sun rays and the shade will lower down the temperature of the house.
  • Another way to keep the temperature of the house low during summers is to use white colored window shades. You can also use mini blinds to avoid unnecessary green- house effect. Due to this reason, the solar heat gain can be reduced considerably.
  • You can also put bamboo shades outside the house as this is another great way to keep the sun out and the house considerably cool during the peak heat hours of the day.
  • Tightly woven screens can also be hung outside the house to make screening effect.
  • One of the reasons your house gets all warmed up in the summers is due to the stove or oven cooking. So to avoid unnecessary building up of heat, avoid cooking using the stove or oven as much as possible. The better way to cook in such a scenario is to cook outdoors on fire grills
  • Reversing your ceiling fan is another way to keep your home cool.  If you have an electric ceiling fan, then make sure it runs counter clockwise in the summer months because this will pull the hot air up in the direction of the ceiling.
  • Apart from heat, even humidity is a cause of difficulty in summers. To avoid the humidity, you can take regular showers, do laundry in the house and use the dishwasher early in the morning time.
  • Another way to keep the house temperature low in the summers is to insulate your attic.  You can equip the attic with a fan that blows the air outwards and sucks out all the heat.

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