2012 Style for Trendy Window Treatments

How many times you find yourself gazing out the window? If this happens to you too you may understand the importance of the window treatments. They could really do wonders for the look of a room.


Valances For Window Treatments

These are smaller pieces of fabric that hang over the top part of the window thus adding softness to the look, not to mention color and patterns. The role of the valances is purely decorative and all you have to do is to add a piece of fabric to a couple of rods with clips.


Probably this kind of window treatment is easier to add to a room than the valances. This is because all you have to do is to place a piece of fabric on a wood or rod that can be found at the corner of the window. In the end the swag works as a valance; it adds color and softness to the room.

Balloon shades

When looking for a romantic touch for the room, nothing beats the balloon shades. They come with cascading scallops that are folded at the bottom. The best thing about the shade is that it is movable both vertically and horizontally, and usually there is need for fabric that is twice as wide as the window.

Tie-up shade

Just as the name suggests, the main point of the treatment is that they hang loosely and they are tied up with ribbons, ties or cords.

You can adjust the length of the shade, but in this case you have to untie the ribbon and then tie it back. Because tie-up shades have a rather decorative role than a functional one.

Roman shades

Trendy Window Treatments

In case you don’t want any fabric hanging around, this is the look to go for. When you close it, you have a sheet of fabric and when it is raised there are cascades of horizontal folds. The mobility of the shades is given by the rings from the back of the fabric. It is possible to have some puffy folds too.


This is a kind of wood valance that is a wide piece of wood mounted over the window and that usually is covered with wallpaper or some kind of material. This could be used on its own or it could be accompanied by another treatment such as a fabric shade or some kind of curtain to make the hard lines look softer.

(photos credit: www.bhg.com)


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