Bedroom Closet Design Ideas

One of the most important things while designing a bedroom is planning and designing a bedroom closet. A closet with ample space and carefully designed racks keeps your stuff organized and clutter free. Whereas on the other hand, a poorly designed closet may need constant maintenance which results in stressed mornings.

These days, modern closet designs are in vogue and are versatile enough to take care of your storage needs. There is a wide array of closet solutions to choose from and with careful selection, you can achieve the perfect design for yourself. The following are some practical bedroom closet design ideas.

Bedroom closet

  • A closet with ample of depth is the first thing to keep in mind. Depth plays an important role in keeping your clothes organized and maintained. Apart from the depth, one must also take care of the width and height of the closet. The width can depend upon the size of the room whereas the height must be such that the closet can be divided into atleast 2 separations.
  • A closet must have ample of space for arranging your footwear. This can either be given at the bottom of the closet or in a separate cupboard dedicated to only footwear.
  • Make sure that your formal wear can be hanged straight in one of the closets. Apart from this, keep enough space for racks to keep clothes that can be folded and items that can be placed straight.
  • An important part of a bedroom closet is the drawers that it had. Drawers are extremely useful for keeping the stuff which you do not want to keep in open like your nightwear or undergarments.  Make sure that atleast one drawer has a lock to keep valuable items.
  • Apart from the interiors, the exterior of the closet is as important. You need to decide which material you want to choose for your closet exteriors. Some people go for wooden closets with paint on top while some opt for glass finish. You can also have mirrored closet exteriors for adding a sense of space to your bedroom.
  • Cabinet doors can either be normal two door or one door designs or can also be sliding. Sliding cabinet doors add a touch of elegance and class but may sometimes not seem appropriate in the room.
  • The color you choose for your bedroom closet is another point to be given importance. So choose carefully.


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