Vinyl Shutters: Add Warmth And Charm To Any Room

vinyl shuttersInterior shutters are the ideal mix of function and style. For centuries they have been part of what a well dressed home should look like.

Today we have vinyl shutters which have many advantages over the traditional shutters of wood from the past.

Vinyl shutters will not crack, peel or ever need to be repainted. They’ll look as good in ten years as they did on the day you bought them with proper care.

The price of vinyl shutters are far less than you would pay for wooden shutters so they will appeal to the bargain hunter in all of us.

Selecting Vinyl Shutters

When you are looking for quality shutters of vinyl there are numerous frame styles from which to choose. The shutter and hinges should be of the same color so as not to distract from the beauty of the shutters.

Another factor of the hinges that should be considered is that they should allow for easy removal so you can have access to your windows fully.

Look for vinyl shutters whose components are strong and reinforced. You can have traditional bars to lock your louvers in a position that is open. Other systems which are optional are a bar that doesn’t tilt which gives your vinyl shutters a more modern look.

Other Options for Vinyl Shutters

Should you mount your shutters inside or outside? Mounting them outside the frame is a popular choice as it will give the illusion of your window being larger while at the same time providing a maximum view when louvers are opened.

When you mount shutters outside the frame you can also conceal out of square windows with perfectly shaped shutters.

The size of the vane, if you choose the larger option, will allow more light as well as a better view. Vane sizes come either 2 ½ inches or 3 ½ inches. The vane size is really just a matter of what you prefer.

You will also decide whether you want knobs on the panels. Not many people choose this option but if you prefer the look you can have it.

Shutters have come a long way since the first wooden ones were used for function. Style was not a consideration then, but today high quality vinyl shutters add beauty to the look of your home at a price that is easily affordable for even the tightest budget.


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