Making A Hallway An Integral Part Of Your Home

halwayAs you open the door to your guests the first place that will be presented to them is your hallway.

It is their gateway into your world, a taste of what is to come.

Unfortunately in most houses the hallway is more of a dumping ground than an appealing part of your interior.

Make sure there is ample hidden storage or alternatively store coats and other outdoor clothing in another part of the house.

Once the clutter has been removed you can start to consider how you want it to look. When choosing a paint color, remember, nobody stays very long in this space so a strong shade of red or bolder blue tone could work well.

Most rooms work best with some kind of focal point and the hall is no exception. If you have a sweeping staircase, then do not detract from it [Stair case designs]. Instead use soft furnishings and color to enhance its beauty.

If the space is plain and lacks period features then the addition of an interesting piece of furniture can make a real difference. A chic looking chair, for example, will not only look good, but it will also be very practical for visitors when removing their shoes.

Good artwork can really lift a space or an ornate mirror, so people can check their appearance before leaving. If the room is quite small a mirror can give the illusion that your hall is much bigger than it is.

The main aim is to inject your own personality into it so use things that you love and that reflect your hobbies or interests.


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