Quasar Still Leads The Market When It Comes To Amazing Decorations

If water is more than a mere necessity to you, if your eyes are prepared to see it taking an artistic shape and filter the light in a highly impressive way, then Quasar has a new collection that will suit your wishes in matter of decorations.

Jos Muller has designed a wall lamp of stainless steel, aluminum and sparkling “drops” of glass dropping in a cascade which are making the light dance while it reflects and invades the room.

The name of the magic lamp is Doccia, sweet in Italian, and it is designed to fit best in dining rooms or in large halls but also in a comfortable bedroom. You can choose out of three shapes (round, rectangular or square) and the dimensions also vary from 9.8 to 21 inches.

The light bulbs you can attach may have a power of 50 or 100 watts. The first collection that Quasar signed was presented in 1992 at Milan and it was followed by the presentation of Jan Pauwolf`s creations that completed Quasar’s collection shown in Cologne, Germany in 1998.

Since then, the producer has constantly enlarged its international market and still maintains exclusivity in some aluminum (rough or polished) or bronze finishes.


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