Spartan, Classic, Minimalist…In A Word Japanese

The Japanese are known for their simplicity that pervades every sphere of their life. Their taste for simple things is evident in their food, lifestyle and even the décor of their living and working spaces. This Japanese simplicity has inspired a line of furniture by the designer Hisae Igarashi.

Though minimalist, this furniture line is a far cry from the minimalist furniture trends of earlier periods. Unlike them, this modern furniture has a personalized feel and is also less harsh to the eyes. They look comfortable and inviting, at the same time they are very Spartan too. The lines are softer and friendlier.

These mesmerizing pieces are made of Igusa, a Japanese rush. This traditional fabric has been used to make mats and partitions to be used in homes. This natural fiber has been weaved to create this innovative line of furniture. The Agusa sofa and ottoman presented here are excellent examples.

Igusa is an eco-friendly product that helps to cleanse and purify the air at home. The rush absorbs humidity from the room, when the levels become uncomfortable and releases moisture when the air turns dry. It also absorbs carbon-dioxide and other toxins from the air, thus making it cleaner. The Agusa sofa and Ottoman will be presented to the world during the 2010 IMM Cologne show in Deutschland, Germany.

Source: homedit


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