Tips to Make the Most of your Wardrobe Storage

In the rising population and shrinking size of houses these days, space has become a big issue for most of us. It is important to utilize the available space intelligently so as to house everything we need for a smooth life.

Thus wardrobe organizing is the need of the hour. People have to be very creative while organizing so that each and every corner of their wardrobe is utilized and it also looks organized and not messy.

tips to make the most of your wardrobe storage

There are various tricks and methods to increase the wardrobe space:

Space above the Hanging Rods

There is ample storage space above the hanging rods in the wardrobes. The trick is to bring down the hanging rods a few inches below and there will be a lot of extra space created above the rods. As it is the space below the hanged items always go for a waste. Thus this extra space can then be easily utilized for things that can be stored in bags and can be easily reached when needed.

Better Organization of the Drawers

Make a list of things that you need to store in the particular drawers of the wardrobes. Now segregate sections to those particular items and make space accordingly. For example, if you need to store belts in the drawers then make sections according to the size of a folded belt and it’ll be easier for you to store them easily and it will easily fit into the space provided.  Same can be done for undergarments, bangles, wallets etc.

Put Hooks on the Back of the Doors

The back of the doors is an area which is very accessible. Just put a few hooks on the back of the doors and you can hang your accessories, belts, ties etc on these hooks. It is the most convenient place in the entire wardrobe. For women this place is ideal to store their handbags.

Use More of Pull out Drawers

When you store stuff in a wardrobe you tend to put everything in a place where your eye can easily spot it. So a lot of space is left behind the stored items. It is always better to use more of pull out drawers like trolleys and not just the plain sections. It is easier to store something in a pull out trolley because even the last end of the wardrobe can be utilized. Otherwise it becomes very difficult to use the ends of the sections. If you make a trolley then you can easily access the part at the back of the wardrobe.

Discard Unwanted Stuff

Some people have a tendency of hoarding things. So it is always better to clear all the unwanted goods and make way for items that are required. You should also buy stuff only when needed and refrain from unwanted shopping. Then your wardrobe will be able to accommodate all your belongings and you will also have a better and an organized wardrobe.


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