Things to Avoid for a Woman in her Home

A home is a mirror of your personality and is a tribute to your individuality. Your home says a lot about your tastes and personal preferences and hence it should have things in it that is chosen with care. Your feminine tastes may be an important ingredient to include in the designing of your home and say loads about the person you are but remember to keep it low key.

Here are a few tips to remember what you should not ever have in your home.

avoid for a woman in her homeToo Many Frills

We know that the colour of feminine décor is pink and to add in frills and lace will make it seem soft and sensual. But there is something called too much of a good thing. Do not smother your home with pinks everywhere and an onslaught of frills and satin trims. It gets too much in the face when you try to make your home overly feminine.

Pictures of Pets and Family by the Bed

It might be that your pet is your cutest friend and is more dear than family. But if you have pictures of your pet slammed on all bedside table and to accompany it some family pics as well, believe me it is far from sexy. Remove these pics to your living room and remember that less is more. Too many pictures are not required.

A Collage of Close Friends on the Wall

It could be a way to remember good old days when you display pictures of your best buddies. But the pictures may also display that your best friend was a stunner and you were the plain Jane. Keep your old memories inside an album to avoid unpleasant conversation starting.

Make up Items Everywhere

Your cakes of makeup in full display might give out the signal that it is such a hard work to remain as beautiful as you are. It is a real put off. So keep your make up away from view inside a cupboard.

A Medley of Disjointed Furniture

A sofa or an armchair that does not match looks great and adds interest to a room. But if you have furniture that is all mismatched, it can only show confusion.

Bed Linen that is Bought in the Annual Garage Sale

Your bedroom is the most intimate place for you. Try keeping it refined. Avoid buying bed clothes that are cheap and tatty. And to top it all if you have kept soft toys on your bed, it is a complete no.


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